Wahoo! Summer's coming soon! / by Morgan Mooradian

I am ready for summer! Nothing like working on the docks in Northern Michigan. Clean boats, blue skies and great people. I am a new member to Team FMYC, and oh-so excited to be apart of their new summer internship program. 

I have been working on the docks for a few summers now cleaning yachts to tenders, but this summer I get to learn the "behind-the-scenes" operations that make FMYC successful. So come May, myself and the other interns will be working hard week-to-week learning hands on about human resources, and customer relationship building to the value of social media. 

As if working with a great crew and learning about small business isn't good enough, right? I will also be receiving 6 credits that will count towards my bachelor degree of Business at Colorado Mesa University. When I brought my paperwork into my advisor, to make the internship official; he could not believe such a great internship opportunity was in my hands, let alone his. My advisor continued to walk me through the requirements and the work that comes with receiving 6 credits, hidden in the pile was a 10-page essay. But as my advisor briefed me on the essay, I realized writing a 10-page paper about my adventures and experiences at FMYC wouldn't be too difficult at all. But will be a story of how I grow and learn in a practical hands on environment that FMYC has created. 

I'm excited to be a part of Team Intern at FMYC and all the experiences that await!