Big Project - Starting a New Company! / by Lewis Butler

My main project over the summer has been working on our new auto detailing brand, and I think everything is finally up and running and ready to go! From deciding on a name, to creating a logo, making a website, and working out pricing and invoicing systems it has been quite a long process. I have found that completing each step can take longer than expected when working with a team and other outside sources, but in the end it is very exciting and satisfying for all of our plans and hard work to come to fruition.

The most time-consuming part of the process was definitely having a logo created. After hiring a couple designers and receiving less than desirable results, we decided to hold a logo contest online. I set up the contest and after looking through countless submissions and asking for multiple changes, we came upon a design with which we were happy in a mere two days. In hindsight, it would have been more effective to have the logo contest from the get-go, but hiring the designers was definitely a good learning experience.

Everything ran pretty smoothly once the logo was chosen. I helped fill out DBA paperwork, and I learned how to set up our accounting and invoicing systems. We came up with detailing packages along with prices for each service. After all of these necessary steps, we are ready to go! I am very excited to have auto detailing customers--I think we already have two lined up!