And that's a rap! / by Morgan Mooradian

Morgan (left) and Emma (right) were both awesome interns this summer!

Morgan (left) and Emma (right) were both awesome interns this summer!

I vividly remember my first day at First Mate Yacht Care last May. I walked into our new shop, which happened to be an old paint shop—I was shocked. It clearly needed some First Mate love! That same day Lewis took me to FMYC’s original home, 1500 Howard Street. It was just a regular college townhouse with a garage filled of old gear and cleaning supplies. This is where FMYC began and thrived for 4 years, but it was clearly time for change! FMYC turned 5 years old this summer; and with that celebration came improvements.

So where to begin telling you all about my summer as an intern at FMYC? Here's a quick run through of some events and projects Team Intern and the crew accomplished in the past three months:

New location, Open House, Petoskey's Finest Auto Detailing, multiple boat shows, marketing emails, online operating system, new business cards, eco friendly products, private labeling, FMYC sticky notes, social media, ad kits, and of course, detailing dinghys to 101' yachts.

Not only did we physically grow in crew size, but also our experience levels broadened within. For the first time, FMYC offered a Summer Internship Program. The purpose of this program was to enlighten interns to the behind-the-scenes of how a small business runs. Myself and five other co-workers took on the role of Team Intern. We had weekly meetings discussing our twelve outlined learning objectives, like invoicing, customer relationships, traditional advertising, and many others.

So you might be thinking they’re just crew members that have meetings about small businesses? Not at all, as interns we were put into hands on situations and given many opportunities to contribute to FMYC’s success. Specially, I worked on the social media up keep and marketing emails. I also had other small projects like running the booth at the Bay Harbor Boat Show, creating raffles, and assembling ad boxes, just to name a few. As for social media, you would think posting on Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day would be easy! And it was, for the first couple weeks. After all the fun events were over and August was around the corner, keeping social media fresh and creative became a challenge. But luckily, our crew was all over Northern Michigan every day from Charlevoix to Mackinaw City sending me pictures of all the awesome boats and jobs at hand.

As the summer winded down for most of us at FMYC—I returned to Colorado Mesa University with a huge sense of accomplishment and a giant smile on my face. This past summer has given me the pleasure to reminisce on all my adventures and assemble a portfolio to turn in for college credit. 

Overall, this summer was nothing short of awesome. Sure I may have worked a ton and didn't have much time to hit the beach, but I got an awesome Sperry tan and spent my days on the water in Northern Michigan working on beautiful boats with a great crew. I couldn’t of asked for a more insightful and beneficial experience. What could possibly have been a better summer job?