Intern Mark Does Many Projects / by Lewis Butler

The intern projects are coming along well, and this past week crews took out some different samples for multi-purpose cleaners that we are looking to private label, just like our First Mate Yacht Care boat soap!

I have had the opportunity to help Emma with estimates, scheduling, and our monthly marketing emails. I have learned a lot about giving estimates, and why we do test spots for bigger buffing and waxing projects so that we can bring value to customers and keep their boats in great condition as efficiently and affordably as possible.  Emma has been sharing expertise about various aspects of customer relations and meeting each individual client’s specific needs and expectations.

Another project I have been working on is researching different job tracking software.  Right now we use GeoOp, which has met our needs thus far, but Lewis is always looking for better solutions.  This is a long process as there are seemingly countless different softwares and apps that do similar things.  Each one is just a little different. Some are ugly, some are useless, and some are expensive.  Weighing the costs and benefits of switching to another software has been an active conversation. We want to be able to communicate, coordinate, and keep track of jobs for internal organization, but also so that we can provide customers with quality work, and be able to show them exactly what we are doing.  This is just one example where I was involved in a dynamic decision-making process and experienced how Lewis, Trevor, and Emma carefully approach new opportunities for the company. There is plenty to be done before this summer wraps up, and I am excited for everything ahead in the coming weeks!